Resolution No. 11 Paid and Protected Leave in the Event of a Miscarriage

Unifor National Will:

  • Lobby officials at both levels of government to amend the legislation with respect to this situation, with the aim of applying the same treatment to people who have suffered a miscarriage at any stage of pregnancy, i.e., that the co-parents have access to five (5) days of bereavement leave, two (2) of which are paid.



  • A miscarriage can occur at any time during
  • There is no legislation providing for leave in the event of miscarriage for pregnant persons

working for a company under federal jurisdiction.

  • The Act respecting labour standards provides: In the event of termination of pregnancy before 20 weeks: up to three (3) weeks of unpaid leave for the pregnant person, and no leave for the

co-parent. In the event of termination of pregnancy after 20 weeks: five (5) days of bereavement leave, the first two of which are paid, for the co-parents, and eighteen (18) weeks of maternity leave without pay for the person who was pregnant.

  • An event of this type can be extremely difficult, may require medical treatment and several medical appointments, and the co-parents must take the necessary time to mourn this event, whether it occurs before or after twenty (20) weeks.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Local 6001