Resolution No. 13 Bargaining Advantageous and Beneficial Teleworking Language

Unifor National Will:

  • Continue the necessary studies on the evolution of work organization and the job market in order to develop a bargaining strategy for the introduction, maintenance and improvement of telework that is as advantageous and beneficial for workers as possible.



  • Since the pandemic, telework has become a condition of work and life (work-family/life balance) for 40% of Canadian workers, who fear that they may lose it or see it changed.
  • Telework has become a major bargaining issue for private and public sector unions, and despite the fact that it can be formally integrated in collective agreements, many employers impose their management rights and dubious telework policies without consideration for workers.
  • In times of labour shortages, telework, whether full-time or according to preference, has become a hiring condition, putting pressure on the capacity to attract and retain employee-members.
  • Telework contributes to the reduction of GHG emissions and should not have to bear the burden of the desertification and economic challenges facing downtown cores.


Respectfully Submitted by:

Local 6001