Resolution No. 16 Benefit Insurance for Members on Strike

Unifor National Will:

  • Pay the premium for salary insurance (weekly disability benefits) to the employer, so that it

remains in force.



  • During a conflict, Unifor reimburses premiums for the following coverages: hospitalization, drug insurance, group life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment benefits, and out-of- province expenses.
  • Unifor has close ties with GreenShield Insurance
  • During the dispute between Local 177 and Ash Grove, one of our members was diagnosed with


  • When she returned to work, our insurer (Sunlife) refused to accept her on
  • The local union had to force the employer to take out disability insurance with another insurer

and to pay the premiums.

  • If nothing had been done, this member would have had no salary for


Respectfully Submitted by:

Local 177