Resolution No. 1 Support Journalists and Protect Them from Online Harassment

Unifor National Will:

  • Support Media Council in its efforts to combat the harassment against journalists and media workers, including developing and delivering a multi-media campaign that gives voice to journalists and condemns harassment, hate and abuse; and
  • Lobby government, law enforcement and to develop legislation, regulations, and committees where necessary to support journalists who are victims of online harassment, hold perpetrators accountable and prevent harassment in the first place.


  • Journalists and media workers have always faced hate, abuse and harassment, and
  • The leading factor of the latest wave of hate, abuse and harassment stems from right wing politicians (eg. Maxime Bernier) who have incited their followers to commit and perpetuate harassment and violence against journalists, and
  • The Unifor Media Sector Council’s report Breaking the News: Media Workers Under Attack, in a survey of Unifor media members, found that:
    • 6% of respondents said they had experienced harassment in the field. Attacks ranged from minor incidents to physical threats, racist comments and death threats.
    • 8% reported experiencing online harassment, specifically.
    • 5% of respondents reported daily harassment,
  • When asked about the impacts of this harassment:
    • 2% reported feeling angry,
    • 4% were frightened for their safety, and
    • 3% thought about leaving journalism, and
  • This harassment has a chilling effect on our journalists, that may prevent them from telling our stories, and
  • A great deal of this mistreatment is rooted in white supremacy, racism, sexism, xenophobia, homophobia and transphobia, Islamophobia, and other systems of oppression, and
  • Women, workers of colour, Indigenous workers, 2SLGBTQIA+ workers and those from other equity-deserving groups are disproportionately affected by harassment, and
  • Whereas journalists and media workers have a fundamental right to do their work free from harassment. Unifor believes that media employers, unions, digital platforms, governments, politicians, the criminal justice system, Courts and Tribunals and members of the public all have a role to play in keeping them free from harm.

Respectfully Submitted by: Locals 79-M, 87-M, 240, 700-M & 723-M