Resolution No. 6 Universal Portable Pension Plan

Unifor National Will:

  • Create a task force composed of National, Regional and Retiree representation to explore the possibility of setting up an inexpensive Unifor-controlled Portable Pension Plan where members and retired members without coverage may opt-in.
  • Provide a report from the task force to Canadian Council in 2024 with their findings.



  • Many members do not have pension plans at their
  • Many retirees do not have pension plans when they
  • Allowing our members to opt into this pension
  • Explore and consider the HOOPP Model or similar pension plans where employers can also


  • Unifor Statement of Principles and our Union’s social philosophies reflect that all members, active and retired, be treated the same.


Respectfully Submitted by: Locals 240, 444 & 1285