Bud Jimmerfield

This year’s Bud Jimmerfield Award is presented to Dave Churchill of Local 28, Unifor’s Health and Safety Policy Committee Co-Chair for Bell Technical Solutions (or BTS) Ontario.

In this position, Dave works to identify problems, risks, and hazards in what is known to be among the most dangerous jobs in Canada.

Telco technicians work under pressured deadlines, in extreme weather, at great heights, with potentially deadly hazards. The need for strong health and safety protections is high, and Dave has demonstrated the fact-based, data-driven tenacity and leadership needed to hold the employer accountable and make positive change.

Dave stepped into his role as Health and Safety Policy Committee Co-Chair and, almost immediately afterwards, our world was pushed into the chaos of the Covid-19 pandemic. Dave’s guidance and leadership was pivotal in guiding 3,600+ Unifor Telco members in Ontario through a dangerous and stressful period.

Dave also had the unfortunate task of leading the investigation into the on-the-job fatality of a Unifor Telco member in the summer of 2022. His conduct through the course of this investigation was indicative of Dave’s consistent approach, being thorough, compassionate, and dedicated. 

He has worked tirelessly with local committees across the province to promote adherence to and updating of Health and Safety practices and policies.

When Unifor signed the employer-paid Harassment and Violence Prevention Coordinator Memorandum of Understanding with Bell, Dave convinced BTS not only to follow suit, but to make improvements for Unifor BTS members.

Active and eager to support fellow Unifor members on the picket line, Dave is also deeply rooted in community activism, volunteering at his local youth centre’s quarter marathon every summer and is a constant presence at the local dog park. 

Congratulations to Dave Churchill for winning the 2023 Bud Jimmerfield Award.

Who was Bud Jimmerfield?

Bud Jimmerfield was a tireless Health and Safety, Environment and Workers’ Compensation activist, not just at his workplace but at other workplaces and in communities from coast to coast.

Bud worked as a machinist for 31 years, exposed every working day to cancer-causing metalworking fluids at an auto parts plant in Amherstburg, Ontario. When Bud was diagnosed with esophageal cancer at the age of 47, the compensation board initially denied that his cancer was caused by exposure to metalworking fluids at his place of work. Bud and his union fought back, presenting evidence to an appeals board that agreed that Bud's cancer arose from workplace exposure. This appeal decision was ground-breaking and resulted in national attention on the effects of exposure to hazardous substances in the workplace.

It has been 25 years since Bud's death in January, 1997, 18 months after his diagnosis, at age 49, leaving behind his eight children and wife Diane.

Before he died, Bud charged union activists with an important responsibility “don’t mourn my death, fight for the living and do your best to try to prevent future occupational diseases, death and injuries from occurring.”

As Bud’s union, Unifor continues his legacy through activism and education. Since 1999, the union has presented outstanding health, safety and environment activists with the Bud Jimmerfield award.

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