Gary Joseph, Indigenous Elder

elder.jpgGary Joseph is originally from the Big River Cree Nation in central Saskatchewan, and since 1994 makes his home on the Sipekinakatic First Nation. In his nearly 30 years as a Maritimer, Gary has been part of many activities, including the recent welcoming of more than 750 indigenous nations in North America to Nova Scotia. Gary is a Sun Dance Leader of a ceremony in its 25th year called the White Eagle Sun Dance, which is held annually on the Elsibogtog (Big Cove) First Nation, near Rexton, New Brunswick. As a sun dancer leader, we follow the path of the sun and strive to treat everyone like the way the sun shines on all of life. To reinforce our respect and sensitivity for understanding the Creator’s role in our lives, our sacred relationship with the Sun, Mother Earth, Water, and the Winds; Gary utilizes and promotes an appreciation of ceremony, rituals, and performance from an Indigenous perspective.